UK Freeforms Online Gaming Guide (draft)

For GMs

This section of the website contains specific guidance for people who are running games. It covers how to invite players to a server and how to manage channels within a server.

All the guidance for players is applicable to GMs too, so please familiarise yourself with that information first.

Once you have read through this guide, you will see that setting up a game online can take a fair amount of time.

We are aware that not all GMs will be familiar with running online games so UK Freeforms are recommending that we run tech tests (with tech gurus on hand to help) before games so that the GMs can see how things work in practise.

We also need to know how you want to run your game at least 2 weeks before the game so we can get areas set up or talk you through the process and make sure you have everything you need to run the game.

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